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Business houses often wonder if there are any benefits to opting for an Email configuration and marketing service for their business account in their business marketing model.

The reason, why this service is still a questionable option for them, is because sending bulk emails to subscribers might result in blacklists, bounce rates or blocked domains as per the market rules and legalities. For businesses where email configuration services might prove to be an extremely beneficial plan if targeted to the right subscribers, configuration service providers are a great option. Marketing strategies of such businesses do not fear the consequences of getting blocked domains if the outgoing mails are sent to the subscribers who opted out for this form of communication.

There are various reasons and decisions like whether to use ISP or web hosting services, opt for a service provider or do it yourself that needs to be catered before going forward with email configuration and management services.

However, there are several reasons why you should opt for an email configuration and management service on SMTP or another server can be a good idea for your business. These reasons are discussed below.

  • More Number of Outgoing Emails – ISP has an hourly or daily limit on the number of emails sent out. Doing it through a web host provider helps in this area.
  • Maintenance of Privacy of your Email Lists – Email configuration service providers maintain lists of your customers with utmost privacy. They also curate lists as per content and strategies customized for your business.
  • The certainty of Information on Activity – With a good email configuration service or on the SMTP server, you become certain about whether emails are received, not sent, delayed or bounced back by your subscribers.
  • No Restrictions by Third Party ToCs – restrictions imposed by third parties working with other clients will not hold you back even if they send spam as your business’ email marketing will be handled by a service provider.
  • Cos Service – Learning and setup of your company’s own email configuration management can be more expensive than opting for a service provider who has created a whole business mechanism for only this purpose.

There are several other things you should know and look out for before setting foot for email configuration:

  • While setting up your server on an SMTP server or any other, you should know that getting filtered by subscribers as spam is very common whether you use your server or not. However, opting for a service might help you avoid this from happening.
  • Using a static IP address and test of your server against open relaying is also a must.
  • Revise your list of subscribers often in case they’ve unsubscribed to avoid hard bounces. Make sure your unsubscribe option is visible to each subscriber at all times.
  • Revise what your subscribers expect from you and the device to send emails accordingly with the help of a good email configuration and management service provider.
  • Keep away from spam words in your email and design your email content well.

Hiring a good email configuration and management services provider can help you tackle these things easily and help in exercising a successful email marketing campaign.

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