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IT Support

According to your needs

IT support

At Hawks Infotech, we strive to put together a tailor-made solution based on your needs. Of course, our professionals have a deep and clear understanding of how the services can make a difference to your business. 



At Hawks Infotech we have a help desk that is available from 9-19 in weekdays. We offer an IT operating agreement for a fixed monthly budget, or the option of clipboard scheme.

Why Hawks Infotech

Available 24/7

Our business model is Service Desk 24/7. Every day. All year.

Fixed consultant

If you choose to enter into an IT operating agreement with us, you will be assigned a primary IT consultant.

Clipboard on support

We offer a clipboard scheme so you only pay for the support you need.

City Support HUB

At the address Palam Colony we connected through Metro and have bike so that we can move out at short notice in inner Delhi & NCR.

IT support

Support for both Microsoft and Apple systems. Scalable solution, it ensures that your solution always matches the needs of the company.


IT operating agreement for a fixed monthly budget, which can be scaled according to your needs.