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Domain & Hosting

When you are the business owner, it’s crucial to have a website and target the audience as per your likes. Which is why domain name and web hosting platforms come into play.

The website development company, Hawks infotech, is an excellent choice to shoot-up your sales. Basically, we help you choose a domain and web hosting tools you might need.

Limitless possibilities create

Domain Booking

Once you are okay with a website’s idea, next you need to choose the domain name. Many times, chances are the domain name might be taken.

However, with proper research on the domain booking websites done by Hawks Infotech, you can get the name of your choice without taking much tension about it.

In fact, consulting us would be beneficial for you because we can renew the name whenever required.

Be wise and choose


Domain names are like the addresses to your websites, whose data goes live on the hosting platforms. By taking help from Hawks Infotech, you will reach affordable hosting services for your website.

Other than that, with a proper hosting platform, your website can run smoothly and you probably would not need to run mobile compatibility tests again and again. Therefore, to choose the best of them, you should talk to us, and we will know how to help you in the best possible way to host every website of yours.

Email Hosting

Business email hosting services are the need of the hour for every merchant to maintain customer relationships until the distant future. In which case, Hawks Infotech is an ideal choice to enable professional email servers.

Such servers are shared and authorization can be modified by the owners for better integration of the communication between internal and external stakeholders of the firm.

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SSL Certificates

Simply having a domain name is not enough when every day, your website can come under viral threats. SSL certificates are the essential part, bounded together with the domain URLs.

These certificates help in securing the online transactions, payment system and gateways.

Hawks Infotech is amongst the best SSL certificate providers, attaching the same with every domain name, which is not easily done by other website agencies or firms.