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SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and its settings are Outgoing Mail Server settings. It is a set of communication guidelines that allow the software to transmit emails over the internet. It is a protocol mainly used for outgoing mail. There are other two protocols POP3 and IMAP. They are used for retrieving and storing mail respectively. There are many advantages of availing an SMTP configuration service company and some of them are listed below.

Detailed logs so that one can see the email delivery failures

The SMTP services provide detailed logs so that one can see every mail that has been sent or received. It also shows them the mails that were failed to deliver to their location. One can see the number of emails sent, the number of emails received and the number of delivery failures. Based on that, one can resend the mails to their desired location.

Email address validation services to improve the mailing list

This SMTP configuration service company starts validating the email addresses and finds out the name of the owner of the mail id. It also figures out if the id is fake or not. This improves the mailing list thereby filling it up with authentic ids of the people who exist on this planet. So, there is no spam whatsoever.

Real-time email tracking

Using SMTP services means that you can track emails no matter what. You can track the email as it goes to the particular receiver. You can see till where it has reached and when it reaches its destination. So you can be sure when and at exactly what time it reaches its destination.

New SMTP feature

A new feature has been launched by email server management services company, to get statistics from the messages sent by SMTP. One can use this option for generating statistical reports for newsletters that were sent using the software. The example SMTP service is clicks and open rate reports.

Synchronizing a server

The SMTP allows one to synchronize a smart host server. For example, if 200 computers use CRM, and all the computers are to be synchronized with a particular site, you don’t have to do it individually, and can be done all at once. Use only once a Smarthost server and it will sync all your email accounts. An email server management services company also does the same.

Other advantages

If one sends emails using SMTP or using any online interface, there are a few advantages. He or she will be using certified IPS which are prepared for sending email campaigns. There are also certifications like ISSIP, several parallel SMTP connection channels, automatic management of bounces, etc. There are also other advantages like a high percentage of incoming emails, high sending speed like 100000 emails per hour, removal of dead domains and unavailable emails.

Several tricks and techniques come under a good SMTP service configuration company’s sleeve which can be extremely conductive and highly successful for your business. With these advantages, it becomes easier to collaborate with an SMTP configuration service company.

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